Friday, January 23, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ After the love

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone. 
This week, Zance takes care of Sherilyn after their lovemaking session. 
The last seven paragraphs from ~
Chapter Forty:
Unexpected sensations of pleasure...

...Wrapping his strong corded arms around her, Zance scooped her up so she was nestled against his chest.

Before Sherilyn knew it, he strode across the room, carrying her. She wondered in her twilight state, if this was some kind of wonderful, but strange fairytale. Especially, since two princes wanted her instead of one.

If true, Sherilyn never wanted to awaken.

Nearly asleep, she was aware Zance placed her on cool sheets. She felt him cover her with a thick down comforter, and touch a kiss to her cheek.

"Don't let the bedbugs bite, sweetheart. Only me and Donny-cat get to do that."

A smile formed on her lips. Not moving an inch, Sherilyn entered the realm of darkness. Still, before slumber claimed her, she heard a whispering inside her mind.

Already too deep, Sherilyn couldn't grasp what she knew was an intuitive warning. She struggled to get hold, but it remained as elusive as a ghost.


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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Super, Naturally

THE SAGA CONTINUES: I opened my mailbox yesterday and found an invoice from Highmark for my February health insurance payment. Payment due date: before January 20. The invoice was mailed Friday, January 16, and there was no mail service Monday. The soonest I could have received my bill was the due date. And why am I getting bills in the mail anyway? I thought they’d be grabbing it out of my bank account like they did the first one. That’s what Dana and I agreed on. Good ol’ Dana, who misled me into signing on for life insurance I didn’t need. Trust no one.

Back to phone calls. This time things turned out well. The chirpy young thing who answered told me the billing date was wrong. I have until the end of January to make my payment for next month. She confirmed I’m not set up for electronic payment like I thought I was. Fine by me. I’d rather send a check than have somebody’s sticky fingers dipping into my till. She’ll send me paperwork so I can go electronic in the future if I deem it necessary.

Bonus good news: they’ve finally mailed my paperwork! Chirpy Young Thing told me they sent it out “yesterday.” Funny how everything gets fixed “yesterday” as soon as you start bitching. I should finally get my policy and ID card next week, if I’m really lucky. Then I can get my throat looked at. It’ll probably have cleared up on its own by then. And how are you folks doing? Eating that apple a day?

# # #

Last week I found out Supernatural has been renewed for an eleventh season. The show’s not what it used to be in terms of quality, but the boys are still nice to look at. And hey, all they need is an influx of new writers with fresh ideas to get the excitement running again. Or they can go for the cheap ratings grab and make Destiel canon. But that’s just my personal dream.

Personally, I’m relieved. I’ve “cast” Jared and Jensen (and occasionally Misha) in so many of my recent stories I probably owe the guys money. Four of my last five books exist because they were inspired by the show. I’m afraid when it finally goes off the air I may have to give up writing.

Granted, Belonging might have existed anyway, just in a different form. If I hadn’t gotten obsessed with Supernatural, that book might have been a standard M/F. “Sam’s” role almost went to a woman. And damn, didn’t “Dean” make a great vampire? The show must have thought so; they ran that episode just as I was polishing up Belonging for market. I still think of that scene with Dean cleaning out the vampire nest as Wallace’s assault on the brothel.

And then there was the episode where the girl said to Sam, “Maybe you’re a hooker.” And the episode where Crowley referred to Sam and Dean as the Scarecrow and the Tin Man. Coincidence, yeah, but I’ll take it.

Out of Belonging came Legacy, and an expanded role for Misha Collins, aka the Preacher. Then I did the spinoff, Slayer for Hire, with Jared playing the son of his Belonging character. The boys returned in different form in my latest book, Jessalina’s Pets, after I got inspired by season 9’s publicity photos. Even though Fin ended up looking (in my mind) more like a silver-haired Tom Hiddleston, it was the picture of Jensen that gave him his roguish personality. Jared made it through intact, except for the darker skin. (Pay close attention to my physical descriptions. If one of my characters is lanky, shaggy haired, long-legged and unusually tall, odds are good he’s Jared Padalecki.)

My Supernatural book streak is on hold for the moment while I work on other things. My current WIP (almost ready for edits, hooray!) stars Brendan Fraser. After that it might be the M/M romance inspired by Project Runway. I watch a lot of TV, have you noticed? I should be writing instead. But the TV leads to writing, so it’s all good.

At some point I know I’ll be returning to the Supernatural well. I still owe Serena the final book in the Belonging trilogy, Misha/Preacher’s story. I’m waiting for the plot to stir to life again. Lately I’ve been thinking about the book I said I wouldn’t write (this one here) and wondering if I should write it after all. Wallace and his lovers had four children together; Gavin and Reese have a daughter. There may be stories there. I have a vague idea for a ménage involving half-brothers/horse shifters. One’s a long-legged Thoroughbred (sound familiar?), the other’s a feisty mustang. That one I think may wind up M/F, with the loser (sorry, Dean) getting his own story and his happy ending elsewhere, probably with the hot Appaloosa girl. Then there are the “Destiel” stories I’ve been fiddling with, a series of contemporary, non-paranormal (okay, one’s a ghost story) M/Ms starring Dean and Castiel. Sam has a cameo role in one of them.

And at some point, over in Talbot’s Peak, Sergei’s son Mikhail may finally turn up, looking for revenge against his father. Mikhail looks and sounds an awful lot like the Russian assassin character from season 1 of 24, played by Misha Collins. Why should Jared and Jensen have all the fun?

I’d better write fast, though. My main inspiration will still be on the air through 2016, but after that, who knows? I don’t want to have to go looking for a whole new show to obsess over. Hey, I know! I’ll write an original book (or series), sell the film rights to Hollywood, and then get Jared and Jensen to star in it. Bring it all full circle. Plus everybody makes money. I love it when a plan comes together.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 19, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #333

Bombshell Enlightenment and Self Governance, the Spiritual Tide is Rising Fast

Planet-wide, the consciousness explosion lights up the world in a whole new way. In a major counteroffensive, the dark-side controllers attack the people with *circus-circus* terrorism events worldwide.

Out of this, however, their Machiavellian crimes are now transformed and transmuted into GOOD. While this spiritual endgame is slow in arriving, significant advances will be observed/felt by those on the ascension path.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' expose with mighty tornadic lightblades, the underlying structure of the dark-side cabal. Although many will be unable to witness this 'truth' simply because they cannot conceive of such absolute evil, nevertheless, those who are able to see and know will be empowered in their ability to overcome the Viper elite.

As well, by mystical and magickal connection with each other, now happening through the Earth ethers, the good-hearted among us are able to co-create the world anew. And so it forms.

On the personal front, this week is about focusing on your closest and most immediate relationships. What can be done to improve how you communicate, how you share and care for each other?

Now is the perfect time to become aware at a deeper level, what your lover and friends desire most from you. The vibes are hot and heavy, and ready for love at its highest and fiercest.

Also, it is always wise to keep an eye on your financial situation during this YEAR OF EIGHT -- during this time economic chaos.

On the paranormal front, Now the Atlantean Timeline Joins With the Current Day Timeline ... for, this is a destined turnpoint.

In part, this will be demonstrated by the worldwide rising of lands, especially new islands from the sea. Also, the positive cultural ideals of Atlantis and other antediluvian civilizations will arise and be expressed in the artistic pursuits of humanity.

From the January 27, 2013 forecast: "those who were born out of the catastrophic loss of Atlantis and Lemuria, that is, the ancient Mages and Druids, who later walked the Celtic lands, who then walked the Nile lands of Egypt...these ascended souls begin to walk beside us in spirit. With each passing moment, the connection grows and strengthens. For, destiny awaits."
On the land changes front, The Sun Is King of the 'Weather and Land Changes' Hill ... also, the ongoing Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Superstorms ... And, here come more fireballs ...

Likely within the following three months, there will be some significant activity on the New Madrid fault. As well, major earthquake activity will continue along the California coastline.

On the AWAKENING front, Now, as *Aquarian Age* TRUTH slams into the people's overall AWARENESS, the lid will be blown off several boiling pots, thus exposing the dark-side as never before -- at this juncture in history/herstory.

To counter these damning, horrific revelations, the state-sanctioned media news will deploy an onslaught of pretend news, designed to hoodwink most of the people. However, less and less in the overall population believe anything reported by what has been labeled mainstream media. Because of this, some alternative news sites that have been co-opted by psy op teams will be used to disseminate 'false' news'.

On the economic front, The European Bank Runs Begin to Domino Out of Control ... And the People's Revolt Against the Big Banks Ramps Up

Meanwhile, making ends meet becomes tougher for many.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Middle class decline looms over final years of Obama presidency
Reuters | For the middle class the scars of the recession still run deep…"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Majority of U.S. public school students are in poverty
Washington Post - The Southern Education Foundation reports that 51 percent of students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade in the 2012-2013 school year were eligible for the federal program that provides free and reduced-price lunches. The lunch program is a rough proxy for poverty, but the explosion in the number of needy children in the nation’s public classrooms is a recent phenomenon that has been gaining attention among educators, public officials and researchers."


HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Rents and housing prices unaffordable to middle class in Los Angeles: The typical LA renter needs to earn $33 an hour just to afford a basic apartment."

On the bankster gangster front, Trillions Laundered As Usual By the Bankster Gangster Regime ... Now they go for broke as in breaking the financial back of the little guy and gal.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "How could trillions of dollars be laundered from the Wash DC regime to Saudi Arabia? Why, through Citigroup, of course."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Bank Of America Misses Revenue By $2 Billion As Trading Revenue Collapses; Fires Thousands
Zero Hedge | Without the Fed’s visible hand manipulating markets every day, banks are a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow."

On the economic war front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Russian Declaration Of War? Grandmaster Putin Springs Trap! Russia Pulls Out Of Petrodollar, Sends Entire Continent Of Europe Into Energy Crisis!"

On the ungodly IRS front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Remember Facta? Now meet the IRS database to manage everyone’s bank accounts
Secrets of the Fed - Jan. 13, the next phase of FACTA came online as the IRS announced the initiation of a database to monitor in real time customer accounts of sovereign and foreign banks. Known as the International Data Exchange Service, this colossal repository will now treat anyone with a bank account as a suspect and person of interest, and assume guilt no matter if any financial crime or evidence of tax evasion has occurred."

On the war front, Another Week of Massive Lies and Downright Ugly Deception

Meanwhile, the silent mutiny continues in the military, and grows swiftly. More and more, this massive 'mutiny' will spill out into the public awareness.

Out of this, more of the people stand tall against the propaganda-drumbeat for war. And shout NO. Hell no we won't go.

However, the dark-side establishment gnashes its monster-pointed teeth, and goes more mad-dog berserk. With every diabolical trick, they try to force worldwide war and endlessly cruel conflict.

On the truth front, Waking Up To the Chump Culture ... Or, Screw Job Piled On Top of Screw Job -- How the Public Is Constantly Gamed By the System

This week is all about 'seeing-knowing' this TRUTH with a much deeper clarity. If you are unwilling to see/know how much you're being screwed over by the reigning, dark-side system, then the *Universe of Absolute Truth* is likely to kick your exposed tail in a manner that will get your immediate attention.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "CIA Flashback:'We’ll Know Our Disinformation Program Is Complete When Everything the American Public Believes Is False.'"

On the tyranny-at-work front, The People Figure Out Ways to Overcome/Beat the Police State Through Innovation-Invention and Wise, Strong Communities

FEDSTAPO HEADLINE ~ From Neighborhood Cops to Robocops: The Changing Face of American Police

Also, activism against police brutality ONLY increases during the year. In the meantime...

HEADLINE: "California cops sign contract to begin using massive biometric database"

On the Cyber Wars front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "John McAfee: ‘I know who hacked Sony Pictures – and it wasn’t North Korea’
International Business Times | “It has to do with a group of hackers – I will not name them – who are civil libertarians…"

On the *Super Surveillance* front, Dominion Over All, the NSA's End-goal

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "NSA develops cyber weapons, ‘attacker mindset’ for domination in digital war – Snowden leaks ~ Mass surveillance by the NSA was apparently just the beginning ~ ~ January 18, 2015
The agency is now preparing for future wars in cyberspace, in which control over the internet and rival networks will be the key to victory, documents leaked by Edward Snowden reveal.
The National Security Agency’s aim is to be able to use the web to paralyze the enemy’s computer networks and all infrastructures they control – including power and water supplies, factories, airports, and banking systems, Der Spiegel magazine wrote after viewing the secret files...
...Phase Three, which is labeled “Dominate,” enables the agency to “control/destroy critical systems & networks at will through pre-positioned accesses (laid in Phase 0).” According to the internal documents, the NSA’s ultimate goal is “real time controlled escalation,” Der Spiegel wrote."

On the responsible policing front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Connecticut becomes first state to require that “every time police fire a Taser, they’ll have to file a ‘use of force report.'”
Liberty Crier - The reform is the first of its kind in the nation, and it works like this: every time police fire a Taser, they’ll have to file a “use of force report.” “It’s a very thorough report,” said David McGuire with the ACLU of Connecticut. “It goes through the person’s race, their age, their height, their weight; how the Taser was used; what mode it was used in; how many times it was fired; whether the person had an injury; whether medical assistance was provided.”

On the communication front, CIA Hollywood, One More Explosive Revelation In a Long Line of Documentation Outing the Agency's Control Over the Movie Industry

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Gary Devore, writer of Raw Deal and Time Cop, disappeared in June 1997
The screenwriter was mysteriously killed in 1997 after finishing script that revealed the 'real reason' for US invasion of Panama had been working for the CIA... and both his hands were missing... When the skeletal remains of Hollywood screenwriter Gary Devore were found strapped into his Ford Explorer submerged beneath the California Aqueduct in 1998 it brought an end to one of America's most high profile missing person cases.
The fact that Devore was on his way to deliver a film script that promised to explain the 'real reason' why the US invaded Panama, has long given rise to a slew of conspiracies surrounding the nature of his 'accidental' death.
It didn't help that Devore's hands were missing from the crash scene, along with the script, and that investigators could offer no plausible explanation as to how a car could leave the highway and end up in the position it was found a year after he disappeared...
...Revelations? General Manuel Noriega ... allegedly had a stash of sex tapes featuring senior CIA officials which he recorded during parties thrown at his home in Panama"

On the home front, The Great Clash of Wills Is Here, the People Versus the State

Those with a spine, and a hero's heart... those with spiritual bravery are now saying NO to every level of authority. For, the cosmic time clock has been activated, and the people want true freedom.

On the food front, The War Against Good Homegrown Food, This Year the Gardners/Farmers/Ranchers Fight Back Hard

As the crackdown continues on good people growing-producing good food, many will rally and bring the fight to the gov-agency oppressors.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Walmart’s ‘Ice Cream’ Won’t Melt After 12 Hours In Sun
Natural Society | What is in this “ice cream?”

On the frankenfood front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "‘We are fed up!’: Thousands march against TTIP & GMOs in Berlin (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
RT - A broad alliance of farmers, ethical consumers, and anti-capitalist activists staged a march through Berlin that numbered up to 50,000, to denounce the proposed TTIP treaty between the US and EU, and mass farming technologies. More than 120 organizations joined the fifth annual ‘We are Fed Up!’ demonstration, which this year focused on the increased importation of American farming practices – such as genetic modification, frequent antibiotic injections for animals, and chemical meat treatments – following the implementation of the controversial Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP)."

On the health front, The War on Good Health Brought To You By the Medical Industrial Complex ... They want your money. They want your slavish obedience to their foul dictates.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "FDA Attacks Man for Selling Supplement that has Healed Tens of Thousands - Facing 37 Years in Prison
Health Impact News - For almost 5 years, the FDA has been attacking Daniel Smith of Spokane Washington for selling a mineral supplement that purifies water and has been used in places like Africa by the Red Cross to prevent Malaria. The product is called MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution), and the active ingredient is sodium chlorite, a common mineral that is even used in some municipalities in the U.S. to purify water instead of chlorine."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Arkansas government kidnaps seven children, searches home of family for owning a popular mineral supplement ~ Sunday, January 18, 2015 ~ by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger ...The latest victims of a medical police state ~ Hal and Michelle Stanley are just the latest victims of a police state gone wild, combined with total medical tyranny in America where children are routinely kidnapped by hospitals to exploit their bodies for medical profit.
As you might suspect, this is also a war against home schooling because the couple's children are all being home schooled... Miracle Mineral Solution is not contraband. It is perfectly legal mineral supplement owned and used by millions of people, many who swear by its efficacy.

On the energy front, The Under-Market For Innovative Energy Devices

At this crucial turnpoint, those who build these working devices and develop this market will be the furture heroes and heroines. This is a worldwide phenomenon and cannot be stopped despite the oil cartel and the Big-Brother tyranny sweeping the globe. Watch and participate where it is 'good' for you, and your family/community.

On the really bad news front, Human Trafficking, a Global Scourge Against Humankind

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "There Are More Slaves Today Than Ever Before In Human History
Zero Hedge | You may have assumed that slavery was a thing of the past. But sadly, it’s worse than ever before."

On the Prison Industrial Complex front, VIDEO: Prison State America: Inmates becoming corporate slaves in for-profit facilities
Ben Swann on RT - For-profit prisons have created a “neo-slavery” in the US, according to award-winning journalist Chris Hedges. Inmates work eight hours per day for major corporations such as Chevron, Motorola, Nordstrom’s and Target, yet only have the possibility of making up $1.25 an hour. In addition, companies that provide services like phone calls overcharge prisoners on even the most basic services, making hundreds of millions in profits annually. RT’s Ben Swann speaks to Hedges, who explains how this shadowy system came into existence.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "12 Mainstream Corporations Benefiting from the Prison Industrial Complex
Ricky Riley - Here are some of the biggest corporations to use such practices, but there are hundreds more..."

On the good news front, The Battle Against SkyNet Terminator *AI* Gets Real Serious

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Artificial intelligence experts sign open letter to protect mankind from machines The Future of Life Institute wants humanity to tread lightly while developing really smart machines."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Elon Musk donates $10m to keep artificial intelligence good for humanity
Billionaire entrepreneur and space travel-fan says his money should be used to address concerns over safety." — The Guardian

On the *you're insane if you do this* front,  HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Deadly Secrets of Hackable Fat Chip Exposed
Prison | FDA wants you to implant a small ‘anti-obesity’ device deep within your body."

On the global mafia cabal front, A Tricky Sticky Week For the Viper Globalists

Their one-world nightmare of crushing humanity into slavish oblivion is stalled, and no matter their dark power, their behind-the-scenes empire is on the verge of being torn apart by factional infighting -- and by humanity's overall refusal to be corralled, to be ID'd and kept like cattle.

On the heroine and hero front, the people of Iceland. HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "First It Refused To Bail Out Its Insolvent Banks; Now Iceland Set To Officially Withdraw European Union Application"

On the good Samaritan front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "88-year-old doctor treats the poor out of his Toyota Camry. Mississippi wants to punish him for it
Washington Post - For the last two years, [Dr.] Landrum has been working without an office, but he’s happy to meet his patients wherever they are. Sometimes, the meetings occur in a home; sometimes they take place in a parking lot. Other patients meet the doctor on the side of a quiet country road — or inside his 2007 Toyota Camry. The location doesn’t matter because Landrum, a World War II veteran who has been in private practice for more than 55 years, believes it’s his duty to help anyone who calls on him."

On the freedom front, the Downtrodden Rise From the Ashes of Tyranny like a Million Flaming Phoenixes... It Begins...

One example: the people of Utah battle for the return of their land.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Utah Rep Fights Federal Land Grab
Prison | State Rep. advocated bill calling for federal government to hand state back management of public lands."

Also, the right not to freeze to death. The gov-borg wants control of your right to take care of yourself, and your family.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "First wood-burning ban hearing draws angry crowd in Tooele County
Desert News - The first of seven public hearings to measure the appetite for a seasonal, residential wood-burning ban was attended by close to 200 people in Tooele County clearly fired up over any effort by the state to "regulate" their lives."

On the hidden history front, BLURB: "For more than 25 years Carl Lehrburger has studied archaeological and sacred sites in North America, with a focus on ancient peoples in America before Columbus. He discussed his latest work revealing extensive evidence for pre-Columbian explorers in ancient America, such as Celtic relics. He personally explored some of the New England sites highlighted in Barry Fell's groundbreaking book America B.C., and became convinced that Celtic writing and relics, thousands of years old, were indeed genuine, and that migrations to America came over many different periods and waves. These migrations included both trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic visitors, and one of the biggest drivers of this ancient travel was the quest for gold and silver-- in the Eastern US copper mining took place, while gold and silver were mined on the West Coast, he said. The ancient Celts left evidence of their writing system in New England, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, as well as latter day Celts leaving inscriptions in West Virginia, he said.
One of the most important examples is the site called America's Stonehenge, located in southern New Hampshire, which he characterized as a large area of Celtic stone constructions, dating back 2,000 years. A town in Arizona also dates back to this era, he suggested, and was inhabited by a Roman colony, who left behind their historical record on lead plates. Lehrburger believes there's been a deliberate attempt to keep America's true archaeological history hidden from the public." ~

Trendwise, At this Aquarian Age Spinpoint, the Goddess Energy Becomes a Superstorm, and Women Go Amazon

That is, across the globe, more and more women will take up arms to defend themselves and their loved ones. They will encourage their men to be true warriors. This is the hope of the world.

Also, the great expansion of the Dark Net coming to a computer near you...

BLURB: The Dark Net ~ Sun 01-18 ~ In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by author and media researcher Jamie Bartlett for a discussion on the Dark Net, an online underworld which exists in the most secretive corners of the web.

THIS WEEK, Enjoy the sunshine, the light of the world. If you are able bask in the beauty of a sunrise and/or sunset take advantage. Then, watch your streaming thoughts. A Divine message is waiting. 

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~ 

Friday, January 16, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Keina brushed her fingertips...

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

This is from my current ShapeShifter Seductions WIP, which is tentatively titled: His Invisible Gift. However, that doesn't seem quite right, so the title is likely to change. Anyway, Keina, my winged horse heroine, and Drev, my hero, who is human but has enhanced abilities... have just enjoyed a very hot sex scene.

Seven paragraphs from ~ 

 Chapter Ten 

Keina brushed her fingertips over his stubble tracing his cheekbone. "You feel so good. I'll be right here...waiting, Drev. That's an unusual name, right?"

He grinned disarmingly. Yet, both humor and sadness shone in the depths of his eyes. "I'll explain once I return, Keina."

As Drev strode out of the room, Keina raised to her elbows appreciating his backside. Her gaze traveled from his yummy broad shoulders to the chiseled definition of his back, then down to his *I want to feel your* ass.

Keina stared at his beautiful-to-her-eye legs just before he disappeared through the doorway. Sizzly-hot inside, she lowered herself onto one of the plump pillows and pulled the covers up.

Seconds later, she realized she'd never seen such powerful thighs and calves on a man, which struck her as odd, given the men-stallions she knew in her home realm. Drev wasn't what Earthers called overly musclebound like...what was that actor-governor's name?...Arnold something.

No, her hunter's build was athletically balanced, proportioned for strength and speed.
Her hunter. Keina shivered inside, knowing she wished with all her heart that he could be hers. If, if somehow...but that would be a fairytale or a fantasy wish.

Don't think about, she told herself. Be with him before the storms of life take you away.


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Blurb: On a vision quest, Ghost Walker succumbs to the harsh desert of the Four Corners badlands. With death's talons striking, he is rescued by a mysterious mustang.

Running as horse, Grant Thunderhead senses an intruder trigger the forcefield protecting his steam engine caverns. Investigating, he finds a beautiful unusual man who will rescue his heart.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Put Up Or Shut Up

Health care update: I got my refund check from Mutual of Omaha, along with a letter confirming the termination of the accidental death coverage I never wanted in the first place. So that’s over with. I’ll be keeping a close eye on my checking account balance around the first of February, just in case. The arm of the octopus that goes for the money may not have gotten the memo. I still haven’t gotten any paperwork from Highmark. No policy number or ID card. I’ve been having throat problems and would like to take advantage of the co-pay, but first I need a way to prove I have insurance. I could always show the doctor my bank statement with the withdrawal Highmark made back in December. Think he’d buy that?

# # #

Earlier in the week the History Channel ran the finale of their Curse of Oak Island series. Supposedly, centuries ago some mysterious bunch buried a load of treasure at the bottom of a booby-trapped 300-foot shaft. I don’t know all the details because I was never a regular viewer. I’ve only seen snippets. I do know this one crew’s been looking for the treasure, or any proof such treasure exists, long enough to squeeze at least three seasons out of this concept.

I tuned in because a) nothing else was on, and b) all the promos promised they were finally going to solve the mystery of the island. Like I said, I was never a regular viewer, but I’d seen enough off and on to be curious. I wanted to find out what’s down there too.

And did we? Welllll …..

Here’s the recap. I skipped the first half of the show. It sounds like they sent a couple divers down the main shaft, but they hit a thick slab of debris and couldn’t get to the open chasm where the alleged treasure chamber was located. However, there was a second, narrower pipe that went all the way to the bottom. They lowered a sonar device and took readings. (Why not a camera with a light on it? They’ve got all sorts of camera equipment, filming them and their efforts. You’d think there’d be a handheld camera around they could tie a line to. Maybe I should have watched that first half hour.)

At any rate, preliminary sonar readings did show possible other openings, possibly manmade. They decided to send the divers down the second shaft for a first-hand look around. Then they changed their minds. Too much chance someone could get stuck in the narrow pipe, too much risk to the divers. The second dive was scrapped, along with any chance of true verification.

\As for the sonar readings, an expert verified the existence of at least two chambers branching off the chasm. One of these had a square opening, which suggests human creation. “Nature doesn’t do square,” one expert said. Other square readings turned up on the sonar, and a pillar of some sort that could have been a beam. Or a tree. Sonar doesn’t give you photos, only shapes based on echolocation. A square shape can be a box, a treasure chest, a concrete block, or somebody’s old TV. Why the hell didn’t they try lowering a camera down the pipe?

Because a camera might have actually showed them something. And once you find something, the mystery’s solved and the series is over.

The upshot: human activity may have once taken place in the chasm. There might be something down there. Is there treasure? No way to tell. The crew vowed to keep excavating. That was how the season, possibly the series ended. No big discoveries, no real answers. The mystery is still intact.

And I was pissed.

This is the problem I have with all these shows, like Finding Bigfoot and Ghost Hunters and Monster Hunters and their ilk. Some of them have been on for several seasons. They’ve got a team toting cameras and night vision goggles and all this state-of-the-art equipment. They’ve spent hours tramping around in remote locations recording every little rustle in the bushes. And they still can’t find anything.

Reminds me of that Supernatural episode where the UFO hunter proudly tells Sam, “I have over 30 years of collecting eyewitness accounts.” Actual, concrete proof? Not so much. “Did it ever occur to you,” Sam says, “that maybe you suck at hunting UFOs?”

You’ll have to forgive Sam; he had no soul in that episode. But I know where he’s coming from. I’m getting tired of blurry photos and blobby thermal images and indecipherable murmurs on a tape recorder. I want bones. I want DNA that doesn’t match up to anything known on Earth. I want deer hunters posing with a dead Velociraptor. I want ET photobombing a wedding. I want absolute proof.

I want to believe. Shows, you’re not helping.

Getting solid proof can be done. I’m reminded of an incident about two years back. Some guy was up in the Rockies or somewhere else inaccessible, dressed like a mountain goat and following a herd around. He’s out in the middle of nowhere with a goatskin on, no other humans present. Except for the hiker who spotted him. And took pictures. They weren’t blurry, either. The guy was outed and had to go public. That “mystery” was over in a matter of days.

There you go. Some amateur found and exposed Goat Guy without any trouble. And yet the "experts" can’t find Bigfoot after years of searching? Did it ever occur to you that maybe you suck at hunting Bigfoot?

I’ll give ‘em this: they can’t find irrefutable proof that ghosts or Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster exist. On the other hand, they can’t disprove it either. Just enough is left unexplained to keep the legend alive. Because once you solve the mystery, there goes your job. And your paycheck.

I think I’ll jump on the bandwagon. What the hell, I’ve got nothing better to do. I’m going to hunt for the reptile people. The ancient, possibly-alien race that inspired Quetzelcoatl and Kukulcan and the Biblical Serpent and dragons. I’m thinking of writing a YA book about a girl who discovers the existence of shapeshifters who turn into dinosaurs. This will be part of my research. Whatever “proof” I find I’ll hang onto until right before the book comes out. Who knows? I might get a show on the History Channel. I hear the camera crew from Curse of Oak Island might be looking for work.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Angelic Forecast from Volcano ~ January 12, 2015

Weekly Angelic Forecast from Volcano 

Straight from the Carnal Cherub himself...

Angelic Forecast ~ #332 

Pulling the Oz Curtain Back On the Powers That Be ... Who Is Really Pulling the Levers of Power?

This week, for those with the eyes to see, and the ears to hear TRUTH, there will be major revelations of the dark-side cabal. The cosmic dynamics of this transformational time on the planet Earth demand the white-light spotlight blaze full force upon any and all acts of evil. Thus, for humanity to bear witness.

On the magickal, mystical front, this week the 'Mages of Ages Lost' swing their magnificent lightblades with a terrible speed. For, the time has come to unmask the hidden core groups founded and used by the Viper magicians to orchestrate their planned eternal rule of planet Earth. Shock and awe will follow as this occurs throughout the year.

Also, ancient magickal practices known before the time of Merlin will be revealed at this time. This will center around the majestic forces of Nature.

On the personal front, this will be a trying week for many of us because of those pesky details. Thus, keep a careful eye out for the details of any situation which goes weird and wonky.

It will be wise as well, to keep a wary eye on anyone who does not have your best interests at heart. This could be in your circle of family and acquaintances, or those you mundanely deal with on a daily/weekly basis.

On the positive side, this week is perfect to experience the expansion of your heart, and your ability to communicate from the heart. Further, if you have pets there is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with them. And with the animal kingdom in general.

On the paranormal front, Encounters With the Wee Folk and Cryptids, Reports Are Rising Beyond Belief At This Time

This is due, in part, to the thinning veils between dimensions. However, there are hidden populations on Earth of various 'wee folks', and they have decided at this turnpoint to make themselves known to certain humans.

This is a mixed blessing if there is an encounter, given some of these entity-races are on the good side, and some are on the mischievous, even nasty side.  Beware!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The 9 Greatest Monsters in North America
The Beast of Bladenboro, Michigan's Dogman, and the Wampus Cat are amongst the creatures chronicled." —

On the wolfen bipedal front, BLURB: "In conjunction with her appearance on the 1/11/2015 edition of the program, researcher Leslie Mitts shared a number of images related to her research into Lycandroids, bipedal wolfen hybrids that stand over seven feet tall, walk on their hind legs, and possess the strength of ten strong adult human males."

On the Atlantis front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Does metal found in a 2,600-year-old shipwreck prove that Atlantis DID exist? Mythical red alloy said to be from the lost island is discovered off coast of Sicily"

On the land changes front, Land Rising Across the Planet ... ongoing Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Superstorms ... And, here come more fireballs ...

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "The fiery flash of meteor blazing across the sky briefly turned night into day in Bucharest, Romania on Wednesday. Security cameras throughout the city captured the incredible sight as the space rock exploded in the Earth’s atmosphere. According to experts at the Romanian Space Agency, the event was caused by meteoroid recorded at an altitude of 31-43 miles. Get more details at ..." 

HEADLINE: "Earthquakes increasing across North America"

YOUTUBE: "1/07/2015 -- 6.7M earthquake strikes Panama + Dallas Texas earthquake SWARM
dutchsinse - An actual earthquake 'swarm' is occurring in Dallas Texas. SEVEN different events over the course of 1 day in downtown Dallas near the old stadium site -- very close to what appears to be some sort of abandoned oil/gas well.... Back to back earthquakes strike Texas! 250 miles apart.. within one hour of each other. Both at fracking operations."

On the earthquake fracking front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Big Surprise: Ohio Earthquakes Definitively Linked to Fracking ~ Tuesday, January 6, 2015
Earthquakes in Ohio? Never – before fracking. Then, in March 2014, a swarm of 77 earth tremors were recorded in Ohio between March 4-12, 2014. When a magnitude 3 quake shook up a lot of people in nearby towns, state officials shut the well down – and the quakes stopped."

On the sun front, as reported by Sean David Morton on Strange Universe Radio, the sun is emitting beautiful spirals and rings of CME energy, which is also affecting the electromagnetic field.

On the AWAKENING front, The Carrot on the Killing Stick.. And the Empire of Broken Dreams ... now REALITY SLAPS THE SHEEPLE, and many AWAKEN to the sinister "Truman Show" endgame of the Viper-psycho elite.

Out of this, rises great tides of activism. This will be on a global scale, and will tsunami without stop for the next four years.

On the economic front, Looming On the Near Horizon, Civil Unrest As the People Wake Up to the Bankster Gangster Economy

This week, the dollar-bubble economy inflates further and the oil wars ferociously continue. Out of this, discontent and chaos jumps, and accelerates worldwide. Further, the low-key bank runs continue.

However, at this cosmic spinpoint, segments of the planetary population simply become far more innovative and inventive. To stay in control, the dark-side establishment brutally cracks down.

The wild card: This will be countered by the Aquarian-Age spike in 'intuitive knowing'.

Further, watch the 'chess moves' of the Russian Bear along with their financial partner, the China Tiger.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Europe's Largest Bank Stock Suspended, Admits Need For $8.9 Billion Capital Raise
Zero Hedge - All is clearly not well below the surface. Europe's largest bank (by market value) has admitted in a regulatory filing that it needs to raise capital. As WSJ reports, Banco Santander SA said it would raise up to €7.5 billion ($8.88 billion) in a capital hike, a bid to address long-running concerns among investors and analysts that its financial cushion was weaker than peers."

On the truth front, A Major Turning Has Arrived ... now more of the human population is dedicated to knowing the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the truth -- whatever the consequences. This means the ruling elite psychopaths are ever more REVEALED, and lose their power-advantage in increments during the next two years.

On a personal level, this rise in truth-knowing 'could' cause distress/breakups in your relationships. On the good side, TRUTH will also strengthen and deepen your relationships.

On the war front, Another Messy Horrific Week In the War Theaters ... and the *Ukraine Flashpoint* likely explodes further.

As well, now begins the worldwide street wars, or the clash of cultures, as socially engineered by the dark-side controllers. For, the people have been diabolically *pushed* into fighting against each other.

Also, the brushfire wars in Africa continue to burn furiously. In the future there will be some major incidents that backfire against the Evil Ones who are orchestrating this takeover of the continent.

On the tyranny-at-work front, As the Year Progresses, the Unmasked Police State Dramatically Escalates, Riots Follow

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Ron Paul: 'Reality Is Now Setting In For America... It Was All Based On Lies & Ignorance’ : If Americans were honest with themselves they would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state"

On the police state front, HEADLINE: "SWAT Team Demolishes Home To Arrest Man For DUI, Family Left Homeless"

On the communication front, The Great Excuse To Crush Internet Freedom Called the Cyber Caliphate ... just another sick ruse by the *dark-side powers that be* to shutdown freedom on the worldwide web.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Government Prepares Internet Speech Crackdown Following Paris Attacks
Kurt Nimmo | Western governments to coordinate attack on free speech"

On the home front, CIRCUS CIRCUS Events Collide Into One Another, All To Keep the People Distracted, Divided, and Conquered ... And the Warning!

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "All Over America, Government Officials Are Cracking Down On Preppers
Economic Collapse - Why would the government want to punish people that are just trying to work hard, become more self-sufficient and take care of their families? There are approximately 3 million preppers in the United States today, and often they appear to be singled out for punishment by bureaucratic control freaks that are horrified at the thought that there are families out there that actually want to try to become less dependent on the system."

From a previous forecast: "Meanwhile, there are special-forces 'foreign' strike teams strategically placed all over America. Their mission: eliminate gun owners and enemies of the state such as preppers. This does not mean round them up. The FEMA camps are not for them." 

On the food front, Worldwide, the People Wake Up More and More to the Frankenfood and Big Pharma Endgame

Meanwhile, to counter this AWAKENING, there will be more *controlled opposition* groups. Also, bully-thug tactics, deception, and lies will be perpetrated on such a large scale it will be absolutely mind boggling. Stay tuned and tuned in.

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "What They’re Not Telling You About Monsanto’s Role In Ukraine Will This be a Takeover of Ukraine's Farmland? ;what is happening in the Ukraine now is deeply tied to the interests of Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, and other big players in the poison food game."

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "USDA refuses to test foods for glyphosate contamination, says pesticides are safe to eat
(NaturalNews) The American food supply is teeming with deadly pesticides. But the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), headed by former Monsanto lawyer Tom Vilsack, says people shouldn't worry because pesticides are completely safe to eat!"

On the Medical Industrial Complex front, HEADLINE: "Whooping cough explodes in California as researchers admit vaccines are failing"

On the energy front, Tidal Waves of Golden-Crystalline Frequencies Sweep Over Earth and Her People

Currently, Benevolent Forces are combining to assist in the AWAKENING of humankind and ALL Beings. For, the conjured darkness of the Viper cabal is breaking through dimensions. And it must be stopped.

On the really bad news front, The Collision Between Firearm Owners and the Militarized Police Forms

HEADLINE: "Firearms Sellers Say They’re Being Choked Off From Payment Processors"

HEADLINE-SNIPPET: The Police Threat Is Too High :In other words, any encounter between the public and the police is more than 20 times more dangerous for the public than for the police.

On the good news front, Justice Could Happen In This Heinous Sickening Murder of a Man Who Did Nothing  

LINK: "Prosecutor: 2 Albuquerque officers to face murder charges - story/ 27827665/ prosecutor-2-albuquerque-officers-to-face-murder-charges~
Prosecutors say two Albuquerque police officers will face murder charges in the March killing of a homeless camper, a shooting that ..." 

On the global mafia cabal front, Strange Doings In the Machiavellian World of Evil ... Or, Their Unconscionable Acts Are Coming Home to Roost... Finally

This week, on the world stage -- as the technocrat minions of the Viper mafia attempt to permanently grab the reins of power in Europe -- simultaneous moves are happening throughout the so-called civilized world.

Currently, this will be most obvious in the ensuing cyber jihad, or false flag hacks designed to justify the Chinese-style CONTROL and CENSORSHIP of the internet. Massive legislation to follow.

As well, the cyber war between the White Hats, Black Hats, and Gray Hats goes super volcanic. This, while the people, overall, say NO to repressive legislation.

On the heroine and hero front, all the truth activists exposing the lies, the staged events, and the ongoing deception shown on the presstitute-moron mainstream media.

On the freedom front, The War on Human Freedom Becomes More Obvious Each and Everyday From This Point Forward

The pile-on of staged events and propaganda-attacks has begun. Thus, to destroy even the notion of freedom as beneficial to humankind. For, this is the fork in the proverbial road.

Do you gallop full tilt toward freedom, toward the Divine human right to be free? Or do you stampede with the zombified herd toward the killing cliff of a *1984* society?

Ultimately, this is your CHOICE. 

On the checkpoint front, One Tactic To Maintain Your Rights

HEADLINE: "DUI Checkpoint? Say Nothing, and Display THIS:”You do not have to roll your window down. You do not have to talk to police.” ~ Wednesday, January 7, 2015 9:33"

Trendwise, The Spiritual Transfiguration and Liberation of Planet Earth ... during the coming months *ascension* or the rise of a Divine Frequency World , this rapidly continues despite the massive levels of chaos and war.

This will be demonstrated by good synchronous occurrences in your life, and by certain upcoming *miracles* that will be reported worldwide. Stay AWAKE and AWARE.

On the 3D Printer front, HEADLINE-SNIPPET: "Breaking convention: New 3D food printer makes edible cookies
RT - Three-dimensional printers have not only entered the food realm, but could also make printing meals an affordable reality. This is what the XYZPrinting 3D Food Printer, shown off at CES 2015 in Las Vegas, is expected to achieve once it is mass produced." 

THIS WEEK, pay special attention to the state of your health, body and mind. Make adjustments in your lifestyle if needed. Also, the more natural environments you are able to enjoy, the healthier you will be at this cosmic spinpoint.

 Angelic blessings from Volcano & Sedona

MORE...Volcano’s Angelic Forecast for this week ~ ~


Savanna Kougar ~ Run on the Wild Side of Romance ~

Friday, January 9, 2015

My Sexy Saturday ~ Her Midnight Stardust Cowboys ~ New Year's Eve

Sexy Saturday kisses, everyone.

Note: This scene takes place on New Year's Eve at the Midnight Stardust Supperclub located inside Dante's subterranean Interspecies Pleasure Club.  
 Seven paragraphs from ~

Chapter Sixty-eight:
His name burst from her heart...

... Cocooned in love, Sherilyn remained aware Dante continued his announcement.

"The Midnight Stardust is proud to present King Wolfman and his Romantic Swing Band, featuring the songstress, Selene Katz. They'll be performing dinner music.

"Next hour the dancing music begins, and yours truly has composed a special song to start off with. Let's just say, ladies and gentlemen, it sounded good on the guitar," Dante joked, his tone humble. "That's all from me. Let's bring in the New Year 2012, in grand style."

"In grand style." Sherilyn twisted at the sound of Zance's voice. "I'm not too late for dinner, am I?" Zance flashed one of his charming, all cowboy smiles.

"Pull up a chair, pard," Dontoya invited. "You only missed the dip."

"I plan to do some fine dipping on the dance floor." Zance audaciously winked at her, and Sherilyn smiled at him like a teenager.

She let go of Dontoya's hand, and took hold of Zance's hand as he seated himself beside her. "We haven't even popped the cork on the champagne, handsome."


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